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2004-2006 BMW X5 I6
Automotive industryBMW
SuccessorBMW E70
Car classificationMid-size Crossover (automobile)
VehiclesBMW X5
RelatedBMW E63

The BMW E53 Automobile platform is the basis for the 1999 through 2006 BMW X5 Crossover (automobile). Production ceased September, 2006[1] and has been replaced by the BMW E70. The E53 was developed at a time when BMW still owned Land Rover and as such shares many components and designs with both Land Rover and also the BMW E39 5-series.

X5 Security

It is a variant with safety glass, heavy-duty material and ballistics-resistant steel. It was debuted in 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show.[2]

Model lineup

Model Model Year Engine
3.0i 2001-2006 M54B30
4.4i 2000-2003 M62TUB44
4.4i 2004-2006 N62B44
4.6is 2001-2003 N52B25
4.8is 2004-2006 N62B48
3.0d 2001-2003 M57D30
3.0d 2004-2006 M57TUD30


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