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Otto Flugmaschinenfabrik founded in 1910, it was an early German aircraft manufacturer.

Gustav Otto founded the "Aeroplanbau Otto-Alberti" workshop[1] at the Puchheim airfield, where Gustov, along with a few others, flew machines made of wood, wire, canvas and powered by an engine. Through their passion for these flying machines, they helped transform aviation from a do-it-yourself hobby to a genuine industry vital to the military, especially after the breakout of World War I. Interestingly, Ernst Udet, the second-highest scoring German flying ace of World War I (second only to the Red Baron), earned his pilots license from private training with Gustav at this time.[2]

On 12 Dec 1910, Gustav Otto has an aircraft factory entered in the register of companies as Aeroplanbau Otto-Alberti. On 15 Mar 1911, the following entry appears as No. 14/364: "Gustav Otto in Munich, flying machine factory, office at 72 Karlstrasse." Shortly afterwards, Otto moved the workshop from its original location at 37, Gabelsberger Strasse to new premises at 135, Schleissheimer Strasse and in 1914 started to construct a new factory at 76, Neulerchenfeldstrasse (later Lerchenauer Strasse). The business was renamed Otto-Flugzeugwerke on 12 Jan 1915.[3]


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