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AC Schnitzer Automobile Technik is a third party tuning company based in Aachen, Germany specializing in BMW and MINI cars, as well as BMW motorcycles.

Founded in 1987, Schnitzer has its headquarters in Aachen (licence plate code AC). It is one of the largest, most renowned vehicle customizers worldwide for the BMW brand. Although the firm has common roots with Schnitzer Motorsport, the famous racing team, it is a completely independent concern both commercially and legally. AC Schnitzer is part of the Kohl Group, which also counts Steinmetz as one of its associates.

Brands and products

The new company building in Aachen

AC Schnitzer was established in 1987. Its range now covers not only high-value tuning for BMW motor vehicles but also its motorcycle arm and the Mini and Land Rover makes. The range includes individual components such as chassis, custom exhaust systems and light-alloy wheels, as well as complete vehicles and performance tuning for petrol and diesel engines. Most accessories can be obtained via official channels through BMW dealers (738 dealers and 45 branches).

More expensive conversions, however, are handled by a highly qualified team direct in Aachen. AC Schnitzer components are obtainable via exclusive importers in more than 50 countries world-wide. In addition to its customizing business with 55 employees, the firm’s new buildings in Aachen are home to several car firms, boutiques and a luxury restaurant.

Company philosophy and technology

The world fastest street legal BMW: 331,78 km/h Nardò 2006

AC Schnitzer demonstrates its expertise in the specialist press and at fairs with various vehicle projects. An example of this is the Tension based on a BMW M6, which achieved the title of “fastest street legal BMW in the world” in 2006 on the high-speed track at the Nardò Ring in Italy. The 552 hp Bolide (406 kW) reached speeds of 331.78 km/h in test runs. Now it is the second fasted BMW in the world, with the fastest BMW being the 720Hp M5 from G-Power.

In its vehicles, AC Schnitzer attaches particular importance to a balanced contribution of all the components involved. The maximum achievable engine output is not the primary aim. High driving performance has to be achieved without loss of safety or reliability. This is why AC Schnitzer offers a guarantee of up to two years for its performance tuning on production vehicles. As well as chip tuning, other supporting measures are taken to ensure the safety and reliability of the engine transmission assembly at all times, including at maximum load.


The core products offered by AC Schnitzer include chassis components, which receive final tuning on the Nürburgring. A primary focal point is also comfort. As well as chassis components, the firm also produces light-alloy wheels up to size 22 inch.

AC Schnitzer Tension
AC Schnitzer Tension

Other products include aerodynamic components. Here the focus is not only on appearance but also on driving safety, by reducing lift, for example.

AC Schnitzer also makes products for vehicle interiors using materials such as aluminium, leather or carbon. The product range includes control elements such as steering wheels, pedals and hand-brake levers, or interior mouldings and cladding, as well as exclusive customer requirements.

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