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The BMW IV was a six-cylinder, water-cooled inline aircraft engine built in Germany in the 1920s. Power was in the 180 kW (250 hp) range. The IV was also produced under license by Junkers as the L2 which spawned the L5.

In 1919, the pioneering aviator Franz-Zeno Diemer sets the airplane altitude record with a 32,000 ft flight. It was a significant technical and competitive accomplishment for the day, This historic flight was achieved only through the brilliant breakthrough of the BMW IIIa engine, from which the BMW IV was based. Diemer stated at the time, " I could have gone much higher, but I didn't have enough oxygen."[5]


  • Arado SC I
  • Albatros L 72
  • Junkers A 35
  • Junkers F 13


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