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A progressive activity vehicle series is a marketing description by BMW to describe a car which combines the looks and functions of a sedan, an SUV, and a classic Gran Turismo. The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo (5 GT) was the first production-destined rendition of the progressive activity vehicle development idea, classified as a progressive activity sedan (PAS).


On January 30, 2009 BMW released a marketing video through their BMWwebTV Online Group called "BMW Concept: Scribble Video". The video was the first public introduction into the thought process behind the design of the progressive activity vehicle series. BMW claimed "It is not a sedan, no SUV and no station-wagon, but 100% BMW." [1]

Progressive activity coupe (PAC)

The PAC is meant to appeal to BMW customers looking for a smaller sportier version of the PAS. The PAC is expected to have a higher roof in comparison to a standard 3 series wagon, a longer wheelbase, and optional four-wheel drive over the standard rear wheel drive. The first generation of PAS vehicles will be based on the V3 automobile platform, and is expected to debut as the Concept 3 Series Gran Turismo (3 GT) at the upcoming 2009 Frankfurt Autoshow.

Progressive activity sedan (PAS)

The PAS concept was debuted at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show with the Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo (5 GT). The first generation of PAS vehicles will be based on the V5 automobile platform. The PAS line of vehicles provides the customer a vehicle length traditionally found in a BMW 7 series, but with the headroom found in a BMW X5.[2] The PAS also features a unique "bi-modal" trunk which may be opened in a traditional car like fashion, or the entire hatch may be open in a traditional SUV fashion for larger objects.


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