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The BMW Riders Association (BMW RA) is an international association of BMW motorcycle enthusiasts, headquartered in West Melbourne, FL, USA.

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BMW RA has close ties to the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Ltd. club. Prior to the formation of BMW RA, there was only one BMW motorcycle club. However, it split into two clubs, BMW RA and BMW MOA over differences among members. BMW Riders Association was formed over 30 years ago and was the first to hold a rally.

On the Level (OTL), the club magazine is published monthly except for the October/November and the February/March issue. OTL reports on the European bike press and news about BMW AG around the world. Close attention is paid to the development new models as well as past model history.

BMW RA is a full member of the International Council of BMW Clubs based in Munich and, as such, is the second largest BMW motorcycle club in the world. As a member for the International Council of BMW Clubs, BMW RA is permitted to use the Council's logo. Also, the BMW RA logo follows the council's guidelines for using the BMW roundel.


BMW RA holds an annual rally in varying locations across North America.

The 2007 BMW RA rally was held in Asheville, North Carolina at the Biltmore Estate with over Template:Convert/LoffAoffDbSoffNa of woods, rivers, streams, gardens, vineyards, and horses. Over 3,000 riders attended the rally. There were sunny days and cool nights. Within easy range were riding areas such as the Tail of the Dragon and other scenic yet twisting roads.

Rally locations by year were:

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