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The BMW X6 M is a proposed Sport Activity Coupe to be introduced by the BMW M GmbH.

Mr. Ludwig Willisch, Head of BMW M GmbH, confirmed in an interview with the German automotive press in July 2008 that there would be an X6 M. This was further confirmed in December 2008 in an interview on the M Power World with Mr. Albert Biermann, Head of Engineering M GmbH. The addition of the X6 M Sports Activity Coupe´ extends the BMW M line up, currently consisting of variants of the M3, M5 and M6. Launch has been speculated to be late 2009 and it is also expected that the X6 M will be launched jointly with the X5 M.

Current Official M Cars:

  • BMW M3 - E90 Sedan, E92 Coupe, E93 Cabriolet
  • BMW M5 - E60 Sedan, E61 Touring
  • BMW M6 - E63 Coupe, E64 Cabriolet

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