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Using too many individual boxes, rather than this template, can be distracting from the article, and can make it unpleasing to look at, as in this example.

This template tags an article or section for multiple issues, and displays all warnings in a single box. This is an alternative to using multiple individual tags, which can take up too much space on a page.


  • Don't insert all the code you see in the complete example below. Include only those parameters that pertain to the issues that need addressing in the particular article or section.
  • Use the article=y parameter if specifying issues that pertain to the entire article.
  • Use section=y if placing the template in a particular section.
  • Issue parameters that don't support a date (such as COI=) must be set to some value, but the value entered won't have any effect, so any arbitrary value will do. For example, COI=y has the same effect as COI=Hello, but COI= will result in the COI issue not displaying at all. Using a date here supports future enhancements.
  • Issue parameters that do support a date (see table below) can also be set to any value, however it is recommended that you set these to the current date for categorization purposes.
    • Dates should be set using the "month year" format, ie. =July 2021.

Common mistakes:

  • No issues: Always specify which issues the article has. Don't use this template without parameters.
  • One issue: Don't use this template for a single issue. Use the appropriate single-issue tag instead.
  • Redundant issues: Please do not insert tags that are too similar or redundant with each other. All articles that read like essays have an inappropriate tone, and in fact they end up in the same category, so it is unnecessary to set tone in addition to essay. cleanup is a very general issue and so should be replaced with a more specific one.
  • Too many issues: Similarly, if an article has many problems, please consider listing only the most important problems. A very lengthy list is often less helpful than a shorter one. Remember that this tag is not intended as a badge of shame.


{{Article issues|cleanup=January 2021|POV=July 2021}}

Tags an article for cleanup and POV, as well as providing a date for the POV tagging, producing the following:

Complete example (for copying)

Copy and paste the text below and delete the parameters you don't need; you can also view a full listing of what each parameter will produce.

{{Article issues
| advert = July 2021
| autobiography = July 2021
| biased = July 2021
| blpdispute = July 2021
| citations missing = July 2021
| citationstyle = July 2021
| citecheck = July 2021
| cleanup = July 2021
| COI = July 2021
| colloquial = July 2021
| confusing = July 2021
| context = July 2021
| contradict = July 2021
| copyedit = July 2021
| criticisms = July 2021
| crystal = July 2021
| deadend = July 2021
| disputed = July 2021
| do-attempt = July 2021
| essay = July 2021
| examplefarm = July 2021
| expand = July 2021
| expert = topic name
| external links = July 2021
| fansite = July 2021
| fiction = July 2021
| gameguide = July 2021
| globalize = July 2021
| grammar= July 2021
| histinfo = July 2021
| hoax = July 2021
| howto = July 2021
| inappropriate person = July 2021
| in-universe = July 2021
| importance = July 2021
| incomplete = July 2021
| intro length = July 2021
| intromissing = July 2021
| introrewrite = July 2021
| jargon = July 2021
| laundrylists = July 2021
| likeresume = July 2021
| long = July 2021
| newsrelease = July 2021
| notable = July 2021
| onesource = July 2021
| OR = July 2021
| orphan = July 2021
| peacock = July 2021
| plot = July 2021
| POV = July 2021
| primarysources = July 2021
| prose = July 2021
| proseline = July 2021
| quotefarm = July 2021
| recent = July 2021
| refimprove = July 2021
| restructure = July 2021
| review = July 2021
| rewrite = July 2021
| roughtranslation = July 2021
| sections = July 2021
| self-published = July 2021
| spam = July 2021
| story = July 2021
| synthesis = July 2021
| tone = July 2021
| tooshort = July 2021
| travelguide = July 2021
| trivia = July 2021
| unbalanced = July 2021
| unencyclopedic = July 2021
| unreferenced = July 2021
| update = July 2021
| weasel = July 2021
| wikify = July 2021

Issues supported

Each parameter can be set to any value without consequence. However, it is encouraged that for any issue sorting articles by month into specific categories, please set the current month as the value (or the month it was originally tagged with that issue), there is no harm in setting month for other issues, which may, of course, support it in future. Those currently supported are listed below

Parameter name Issue and stand-alone template Optional format of value
advert {{advertisement}} month and year
autobiography {{autobiography}} month and year
biased {{biased}} month and year
blpdispute {{blpdispute}} month and year
citations missing {{citations missing}} month and year
citationstyle {{citation style}} month and year
citecheck {{citecheck}} month and year
cleanup {{cleanup}} month and year
COI, or
{{COI}} (Conflict of interest) month and year
colloquial {{colloquial}} month and year
confusing {{confusing}} month and year
context {{context}} month and year
contradict {{contradict}} month and year
copyedit {{copyedit}} month and year
criticisms {{criticism-section}} month and year
crystal {{crystal}} month and year
deadend {{deadend}} month and year
disputed {{disputed}} factual accuracy month and year
do-attempt {{do-attempt}} attempted de-orphan month and year (the "orphan" parameter should also be defined with month and year, see below)
essay written like an {{essay-entry}} month and year
examplefarm {{examplefarm}} month and year
expand {{expand}} month and year
expert {{expert}} attention needed WikiProject or Portal name
external links {{external links}} month and year
fansite {{fansite}} month and year
fiction {{fiction}} or {{in-universe}} month and year
globalize {{globalize}}
grammar {{copyedit}} for grammar
histinfo {{histinfo}}
hoax {{hoax}}
howto {{howto}} month and year
importance {{importance}} month and year
inappropriate person {{inappropriate person}} month and year
incomplete {{incomplete}} month and year
intro length {{intro length}} month and year
intromissing {{intro-missing}} month and year
introrewrite {{introrewrite}} month and year
in-universe {{in-universe}} month and year
jargon {{cleanup-jargon}} month and year
laundrylists or laundry {{cleanup-laundry}} month and year
likeresume {{likeresume}} month and year
long {{verylong}}
newsrelease {{newsrelease}} month and year
notable, or
{{notability}} month and year
onesource {{onesource}} month and year
OR, or
or, or
original research
{{original research}} month and year
orphan {{orphan}} less than three valid incoming links that fit the WikiProject Orphanage Criteria month and year
peacock {{peacock}} month and year
plot {{plot}} month and year
pov  or  npov
{{POV}} dispute month and year
primarysources {{primarysources}} month and year
prose {{prose}} month and year
proseline {{proseline}} month and year
quotefarm {{quotefarm}} month and year
recent {{recentism}} month and year
refimprove {{refimprove}} month and year
restructure {{cleanup-restructure}} month and year
review {{review}} month and year
rewrite {{rewrite}}
roughtranslation {{roughtranslation}} month and year
sections {{sections}} month and year
self-published {{self-published}} month and year
spam {{cleanup-spam}} month and year
story {{story}} month and year
synthesis improper {{synthesis}} month and year
tone {{inappropriate tone}} month and year
tooshort {{intro-tooshort}} month and year
travelguide {{travel guide}} month and year
trivia {{trivia}} month and year
unbalanced {{unbalanced}} month and year
unencyclopedic {{unencyclopedic}}
unreferenced {{unreferenced}} month and year
update {{update}} month and year
weasel {{weasel}} words month and year
wikify {{wikify}} month and year
other unique parameter for very specific concerns; allows extra information

Adding new issues

Note: after successfully adding a new issue, please update this documentation page, as well as Template:Articleissues/doc/Fulltext.
Method 1

To add an issue that the template does not currently support, add the following to the template. Before adding an issue, check the list to make sure there is not already a similar one; many maintenance templates have multiple redirects and go by multiple names. Be sure to add new issues to the documentation in the full template example and the table. Please ask for help if you are uncomfortable with ParserFunctions.

For issues with date based categories (check whether they use "since date" or "from date"):

Issue name

-->{{#if:{{{issue|}}}|* Text to be displayed.[[Category:Main tracking category]]{{#if:{{checkdate|{{{issue}}}}}|<small> (tagged since {{checkdate|{{{issue}}}}})</small>[[Category:Date based category from {{checkdate|{{{issue}}}}}]]|[[Category:General category]]}}}}<!--

For issues that do not support dates:

Issue name

-->{{#if:{{{issue|}}}|* Text to be displayed.[[Category:Main tracking category]]}}<!--

Method 2 (supports dated issues)

To add a new issue use, use this example:

| name       = {{{unreferenced|}}}
| message    = * It does not '''cite any [[Wikipedia:Citing sources|references or sources]]'''. Please help improve this article by citing [[Wikipedia:Verifiability|reliable sources]]
| cat        = All articles lacking sources
| cat-date   = Articles lacking sources from
| cat-undate = Articles lacking sources

The article will be put in the category "cat" if is specified, and either the category "cat-date" with the date (the value passed in the name parameter) if it is a valid category or the category "cat-undate". For undated issues only use the "cat" parameter.


  1. {{Articleissues}}
  2. {{Issues}}
  3. {{Ai}} and {{AI}}

See also

  • {{Stub}} and the Category:Stub categories for a more appropriate way to tag most very short articles.
  • {{DatedAI}} the component that drives the dated categorisation

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