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Places article in Category:Articles to be expanded or dated category like Category:Articles to be expanded since July 2021 if date parameter ("date=") specified, and Category:All articles to be expanded. To use an example of the template, without placing the page in the categories, use {{expand|Category= }}.

If you specify the parameter "talksection" with the title of a section on the talk page, the link to the talk page will link to that section.

{{Expand}} should not be used on articles concurrently with stub templates - a stub template is an explicit request for expansion. It should only be used on articles that are beyond stub length, in place of a stub template.

{{EmptySection}} should be used for completely empty sections instead of {{Expand}}.


  1. {{Expandarticle}}
  2. {{Expansion}}
  3. {{Develop}}
  4. {{Expand-article}}
  5. {{Elaborate}}

See also

  • {{expand further}}
  • {{expand-section}}
  • {{shorten}}
  • {{EmptySection}}

See a list of related templates at Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup#Expand and add.

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