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{{Infobox Motorcycle
|name             = 
|image            = 
|aka              = 
|manufacturer     = 
|parent_company   = 
|production       = 
|model_year       = 
|predecessor      = 
|successor        = 
|class            = 
|engine           = 
|top_speed        = 
|power            = 
|torque           = 
|transmission     = 
|suspension       = 
|brakes           = 
|tires            = 
|rake_trail       = 
|wheelbase        = 
|length           = 
|width            = 
|height           = 
|seat_height      = 
|dry_weight       = 
|wet_weight       = 
|fuel_capacity    = 
|oil_capacity     = 
|fuel_consumption = 
|turning_radius   = 
|climbing_ability = 
|related          = 


  • name: Include both the make and model of the motorcycle.
  • image: A 'three quarter' view of the front and side of the motorcycle (eg: Image:2006HondaCBR600RR-001.jpg), preferably taken against a background containing no other vehicles, and with the sun shining from behind the camera.
  • aka: Any other names the motorcycles is known as (eg: the Honda CB600F is also known as the Hornet and 599).
  • manufacturer: the brand name, marque, division or automaker
  • parent company: industrial group or holding company which owns the marque/brand/division at the time the motorcycle was produced (if any)
  • production: Production dates of when the motorcycle was produced and sold. Must be listed down to the month and year.
  • model year: Model years of when the motorcycle was produced and sold.
  • predecessor: previous models from the manufacturer in the segment or similar
  • successor: following models in the segment or similar
  • class: Use article types of motorcycle to see different classes and descriptions.
  • engine: Use article motorcycle engine to see different types.
  • top_speed: Can be in either mph or km/h. Use {{auto mph}} or {{auto km/h}} for proper conversions.
  • power:
  • torque:
  • transmission: number of forward gear ratios, and the type of transmission (eg. "6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic")
  • suspension:
  • brakes:
  • tires:
  • rake_trail:
  • wheelbase: nominal wheelbase
  • length:
  • width:
  • height:
  • seat_height:
  • dry_weight: dry weight of a standard motorcycle
  • wet_weight: wet weight of a standard motorcycle
  • fuel capacity: nominal capacity of the fuel tank
  • oil_capacity: Only applies to 2-stroke bikes with a separate oil tank.
  • fuel_consumption:
  • turning_radius: Rarely relevant except to small city bikes like mopeds.
  • climbing_ability: Rarely available except for small city bikes like mopeds.(eg Honda Motocompo)
  • related: Motorcycles which share components.


Be prepared to verify any items that are subjected with a fully cited secondary source. Attributes that follow under this include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • top speed
  • power
  • torque
  • dry weight
  • wet weight
  • fuel consumption
  • related

Optional parameters


The optional CSS parameters listed above can be used to define style for the body, title, label, or data areas.

Also see

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Motorcycling for more information on standards.