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pronounced /{{{1}}}/


For uses related with the Australian English phonology. This template links to the Australian English phonology subset instead of the general International Phonetic Alphabet. Unlike {{IPA-en-au}}, it displays "pronounced" rather than "IPA:".


Such code:

Vegemite, {{pron-en-au|ˈvedʒɪmɑɪt}}, is ...

Will display:

Vegemite, pronounced /ˈvedʒɪmɑɪt/, is ...

See also

  • {{IPA}} : a simple IPA format
  • {{IPA-en}} : links to a general English IPA key
  • {{pron-en}} : as above, but says "pronounced"
  • {{IPA-all}} : square brackets, and links to a fuller IPA key
  • {{pronounced}} : as above, but says "pronounced"
  • And more at Category:IPA templates